Use Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice in Surprising Ways

Consider the Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice as your kitchen’s unsung hero. You can put the juice concentrate to work on salad dressing, cocktails, marinades, and baked goods. As it is flavourful and long-lasting, it is excellent for flavouring various foods as it gives a sweet citrusy taste.

Here are the best ways to use it:

1) Salad Dressing

The best blending for a perfect salad dressing is acid and fat. This is why vinegar and oil work magically. But you can switch up your salad with Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice and experience a little more tanginess but in a good way.

2) Sundaes

Most fruit-flavoured syrups for ice creams are loaded with cane sugar. A healthy alternative can be Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice. First, soak your desired fruit in the juice concentrate, then mix it well. Finally, pour it over your favourite scoops of sundaes.

3) Marinades

A juicy and moist grilled meat, fish or poultry starts with a delicious marinade. Then, use the frozen juice concentrate before grilling to soak up all the fresh flavours and add a slightly sweet tang.

4) Baked Goods

For a strong dash of flavour in your baked goods like cakes or quick bread, substitute Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice instead of milk or water. This will instantly perk up your treats and surprise your taste buds.

5) Cocktails

The frozen orange concentrates are a must addition to any cocktail mixture. Be it a screwdriver, a mimosa, or a tequila sunrise, this fruit-flavoured concentrate is a versatile ingredient. Mix it with as many drinks as possible, and always go right with the orange concentrate.

Until now, you may have used Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice as a breakfast beverage. But isn’t it fun to learn that you can use this vitamin C-laden juice for your day-to-day cooking? You need to contact the best frozen concentrated orange juice exporters to begin. Sun Impex are a credible enterprise in the field of Agro-products. Their Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate are a much-loved beverage obtained from freshly squeezed juice of best quality oranges.

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