Frozen Chicken : The Combo of Taste and Nutrition

Chicken is consumed almost everywhere in the world as it delights people with its juicy flavour. Chicken or any of its parts are quick to cook and can be easily flavoured according to taste.

Chicken is one such delicacy that is a perfect fusion of taste and health. It is loaded with proteins and minerals. It also contains vitamins such as niacin, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6 which reduce cholesterol, relieve stress and risk of heart attack respectively.

Sun Impex, a reliable name in the agro-products industry, offers quality and 100% natural chicken meat sourced from grass-fed, healthy chicken in Argentina, Brazil and the USA.
At Sun Impex, frozen chicken is available in various forms. They are chicken griller (10 x 900 gms to 1500 gms), Leg quarter (1 x 15kgs), leg (20 x 900gm), wings ( as per customer requirement), breast, etc. The chicken drumsticks and griller are packed and exported for the retail as well as for the catering industry.

To get your hands on premium quality chicken or its parts offered by Sun Impex, book your order NOW!

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