Food Flavours and Colours : The Life and Soul of Edibles

It is well known that what appeals to the eye in the first glance has a greater chance of being the final choice. It is no different with food and beverages. Food items and drinks with a fascinating appearance and lip-smacking taste gain popularity over time across the world. The vibrant colours and the captivating flavours create memories of any delicious feast held.

The progress in science and technology has made it easier to extract colours from natural sources such as herbs and fruits and prepare synthetic flavours that are non-hazardous to human health. Moreover, the food colours market is booming and expected to reach USD 3.75 billion during 2016- 2022. Another report forecasts that the global flavours market will reach USD 15.2 billion by 2020. These safe-to-use food colours and flavours are required to provide good taste, aroma and colour to food and drinks.

Some popular applications of these flavours and colours include:

  • Confectionery items like candies
  • Bakery items like cakes and puddings
  • Dairy products like ice-cream and cheese
  • Alcoholic beverages

Sun Impex : An Emblem of Quality Food Flavours and Colours

A reliable name in the agro-food products industry, Sun Impex offers top quality food flavours for the baking industry, confectionery, beverages, dairy and pharmaceuticals. These are easy to use and optimise the mouth feel.

Sun Impex also offers a wide variety of food, cosmetic and other colourants that give attractive colours to beverages, hard candies, gum, confectionery, fruit gums, snacks, yoghurt, ice-cream, cereals, iced tea, beer and baked goods. The natural colours are water and oil soluble. The synthetic colours have a strong essence and longer durability.

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