Food Chemical Additives

It’s a substances added to foods that used as a preservative to improve or maintain the flavour, texture or appearance of food and prolongs the shelf life of food products.



An ingredient that increase the viscosity of food to create a stiffer or a denser food mixture.


It’s a food additives capable of delaying or preventing the deterioration of foods and also it prolongs the shelf life of food products.


Preservative is a substance added to foods and beverages, to prevent deterioration by constraining the growth of any microorganisms and maintain the flavor, color and texture of foods for longer periods.


It is a food additive used as a sugar substitute for food and beverages to enhance the sweet flavor but do not have the calories of carbohydrates due to its low energy value.


It is an food ingredient used as a preservative to extend the shelf life, stabilizes the texture of processed foods and enhance the organoleptic properties of it.

Flavour Enhancer

It is a food additives added to a food and beverages in order to intensify its own natural flavour and increases the stability of food.

Acidity Regulator

It is a food additives used to adjust or maintain a constant acid level in food and to preserve the original flavour and colour of the foods.


It is a food additive use to increase protein content and provide functional properties such as gelling, stabilizer or emulsifier to foods.


It is a surface-active agent that stabilize oil-in-water emulsions and create consistency that provides a better texture for foods.

Nutrition Enhancer

Its an ingredient used in supplements and added to food products to improve the nutrition value of the product.


Its a substance that gives color when it is added to food and beverages to correct natural variations in color and to offset color loss due to light/air/temperature exposure.

Non Dairy Creamer

It is used as a substitute for milk or cream to increase odor and color when added to tea or coffees and it can improve the structure and physical properties of various food products.

Cocoa Powder

It is a food ingredients typically used as sweeteners, thickeners and flavor for food and beverages and it functions also as an antioxidant that serves as a preservative for the food industry.

Others Food Chemical Additives

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