Flavouring Cuisines with Aromatic Cloves to Enhance Overall Deliciousness

Aromatic flower buds from the clove tree, cloves are grown predominantly in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar and Zanzibar. These un-opened flower buds hold high flavour and intense aroma that makes them immensely resourceful for use in culinary preparations. Typically used in their whole form, cloves may also be grounded for some special food preparations. However, due to the woody texture of cloves, these are mostly removed prior to eating.

Most prominent application of cloves lies in flavouring savoury as well as few sweet foods. In fact, cloves are used in almost all dishes that are more on the spicier side – a lot thus depends on the recipe whether to use it or not. So, it’s quite possible that you savoured any such clove-rich cuisine but were unaware of it just because it never reached your plate. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, star anise, peppercorns and some other spices are typically used in food recipes with clove as an ingredient.

From pork brine, chicken biryani to vegan roasted chestnut soup and more; cloves impart their unique flavour, which comes from eugenol, in every cuisine these are used with. These are even used in preparation of gingerbread, fruit pies and some cakes as well owing to their warm, spicy flavour. A wide range of pickles and other condiments too have cloves as the prime ingredient. Besides flavouring scrumptious food, cloves also help create some sizzling beverages like spiced tea, Wassail, hot spiced cranberry cider and more.

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