Experience a Boost of Flavours with Sun Impex

Sun Impex, a leading supplier of agro products also supplies premium quality food flavourings. It uses the latest technology to extract authentic, unique flavours as per the changing consumer trends. It offers a huge assortment of flavour ingredients for different segments as follows:

Beverage: Explore flavours for nutritional beverages, energy drinks, tea, juice, fruit flavour, flavours for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc.

Bakery: Expect unique flavours for cakes, breads, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits etc. Every flavour is manufactured with great hygiene standards. Sun Impex also offer tailor-made solutions at very reasonable prices.

Dairy: Offering healthier, real and authentic flavours for dairy application such as milk, yogurt, butter, toppings, ice-cream and desserts.

Confectionery: A range of exclusive and gourmet lollipop flavours, bubble gum, chewing gum, candies and chocolates. Creamy flavours such as butter toffee, buttercream, caramel and milk are also available. Fruit based products like orange and cherry flavour and exotic flavours like chocolate, cocoa, rose and dark are also developed by Sun Impex.

Savoury: Used to add the delicious edge to snacks, soups, frozen foods sauces, prepared meals, and meat.

Oral Care: Sun Impex offers flavours for oral hygiene applications including toothpaste, mouthwash that are created to its delight consumers and deliver the right mouth feel.

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