Exotic Mushrooms – Goodness Of Taste And Health

Mushrooms, a type of edible fungi are exported worldwide for their enjoyable flavours, exotic varieties and noted health benefits today. But centuries ago they were a rare delicacy that was relished only by royalty.

The first reference of mushroom comes from Egypt, approximately 4600 years ago. The mystifying nature of mushrooms intrigued Egyptian pharaohs who connected them with immortality. France was the next place where mushrooms were amply cultivated. With time the cultivation of mushrooms spread from France to the rest of world and soon became a work where science combined with art. Mushrooms Have Plenty Of Health Benefits To Boast Apart from their culinary uses, mushrooms have long been known for their nutritional value and health imparting benefits that include: 1. Mushrooms to be a good source of vitamin B along with riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid. 2. Excellent source of important minerals like selenium, copper, potassium and beta-glucans. 3. As a nutritional powerhouse mushrooms fight against cancer and strengthens body’s immunity. 4. Antioxidants that protect cells from getting damaged. 5. Gluten free, appetite filling and infused with vitamin D, mushrooms have lot to offer. Sun Impex Offers 4 Exotic Mushroom Varieties To cater to the growing demand for mushrooms in the horeca industry we have taken every care to keep its supply continuous. We ensure this by systematic procurement of exotic mushrooms which are mainly sourced from France. We offer four varieties of mushroom: Dried Chanterelles, Dried Forest Mixed, Dried Morels and Dried Shiitake.

1. Chanterelles – They are valued for their rich woodsy flavour and fruity aroma which goes well with soups and stews. Alternatively, Chanterelles are also known as Girolle and Golden Chanterelle.

dried forest mixed

2. Forest Mixed – A unique assortment of most delicious mushrooms handpicked to impart their individual flavours, textures, benefits and aromas in a spectacularly gourmet manner.

3. Shiitake – When fresh these mushrooms have firm stems and colour that ranges from being light golden brown to dark brown. Dried Shiitake have longer shelf-life and slightly enhanced flavour. Shiitakes are also known by the names of black forest mushroom, golden oak mushroom and oakwood mushroom.

dried shitake mushroom
dried morels mushrooms

4. Morels – The honeycomb like, cone shaped and spongy mushrooms are prized for their rarity and absolutely heavenly taste. They go extremely well with pastas and risottos. Morels with darker color tend to have a more earthily, grainy and smoky flavour.

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