Excellent Crushing Quality Sunflower Seeds : For Nutritious Cooking Oil

If flourishing sunflower farms mesmerize everyone with their beauty, then the sunflower seeds provide a plenty of health benefits. When these seeds are crushed and turned into oil, they could brand every dish as Superfood.

Sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E. Thus it is very good for every skin type. With lots of nutrients, Sunflower oil is also considered as an energy booster. It helps in the prevention of cancer and has an anti-inflammatory capacity which helps in the reduction of Asthma attacks.

Sun Impex, one of the trusted names in the agro-products industry, offers premium quality Sunflower Seeds which are easy to crush and transform into Sunflower oil. It procures two varieties of quality sunflower seeds from Ukraine –

Sunflower Kernels – Moisture: 7%, Impurity: 1%, Oil Content: 415(Min), Oil admixture: 3%


Hulled Sunflower Kernels (Bakery grade) – Purity: 99%

Avail the premium quality Sunflower Seeds in the packaging of 25/50 kg from a trusted, reliable and renowned name – Sun Impex. Book you order now!

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