Everything You Need To Know About Sunimpex’s Natural Flavors

Every time you eat and drink, you experience a unique taste and flavor, these flavors swirl up on your mind and give your tongue a delightful sensation. Whenever you like a certain flavor, you crave for it again and again. Your taste buds don’t seem to get satisfied when you are having your favorite flavored food. For a fact, it doesn’t need to satisfy! We at Sunimpex have incorporated biotechnology to obtain the purest flavors from the most tempting fruits and vegetables so that you can keep enjoying your favorite flavors again and again.

All the captivating flavors produced are obtained from nature, some are extracted from fruits, some from fresh vegetables and some from leaves and flowers. We have adopted an eco-friendly process to extract 100% of flavoring natural molecules with greater efficiency than other conventional processes.

Enzymatic and microbial engineering are also integrated at our facility to make the flavors more concentrated and aromatic. Sunimpex also invests strongly in research and development to create new flavors and fragrances using all natural processes. We offer a variety of flavors and aroma obtained from unadulterated fruits and vegetables which are grown for the only purpose of flavor extraction. Our food technologists make sure the taste of flavors is identical to the real fruits. They are processed into liquids, emulsions, and powders to meet the exact needs of customers world-wide.

They are widely in demand in the food, beverage, confectionery, dairy and oral care industry to bring a unique taste in their products. If you need to buy natural flavors in pure and concentrated, you can visit the website sunimpex.com.

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