Every Food Lover’s Dream – Black Eyed Beans

Also known as cowpeas, butterfly peas, and pigeon peas, black eyed beans are a type of legumes, which have edible seeds squeezed inside a double-seamed pod. Since they swell up very well when they are prepared, people prefer to eat them on New Year’s Day to symbolize prosperity in both health and wealth. If one is looking for a nutrient-packed diet, black-eyed peas put a rest to his search.

These rich in fiber beans supplement the body with iron, potassium, protein, zinc, and all those nutritious minerals and vitamins that are indispensable for a proper functioning of the body. Cultivated since prehistoric times in China and India, black eyed beans have now spread to the rest of the world like wildfire. Some gulp them down directly while other prefer black eyed beans curry.

Sun Impex FZE (Dubai), a global food company, is a top supplier of black eyed beans to the food lovers around. Our close monitoring of the production and cropping patterns enables us to ensure the consistency and continuity of the supply of black eyed beans. Since food is a passionate subject, Sun Impex FZE (Dubai) endeavors to excite the consumers of food with its innovative products.

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