Dubai Food Festival 2018 Ready to Bring Delight

When talking of Dubai, it’s not just about the posh lifestyle, extravagant shopping malls, massive skyscrapers, mega carnivals but it’s the love for food ingrained in every soul living and visiting the city. Be it the international food festivals, food expos or gourmet exhibitions showcase new delicacies, Dubai offers great exposure to emerging global food trends and the latest technologies, machineries and innovation which is making of it possible.

Bringing another wave of excitement is Dubai Food Festival 2018 that is organized from 25 February to 2 March. One of the major attractions is the Dubai Restaurant Week which allows food lovers to enjoy delicious three-course set menus at Dubai’s leading restaurants. Moreover, Jumeirah Beach will see a temporary revamping with Etisalat Beach Canteen returning with its fifth edition. Besides the food bonanza, there are also fitness classes, live music and family-friendly activities.

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