Healthy Eating – Desi Chickpeas

To begin with, we have all heard of the famous chickpeas! Scientifically, chickpeas are known as “cicer arietinum” and belongs to the ‘Fabaceae’ group. Chickpeas can be part of any form of a diet, especially a high protein diet. This is an excellent meal for vegetarians or vegans who seek to include protein in their diet. Chickpeas are segregated into two forms – Desi and Kabuli. Both contain phenomenal benefits and differ in terms of their appearance; Desi chickpeas are smaller and a rougher coat and feel whereas Kabuli chickpeas are larger and lighter in colour. A brief history of chickpeas, to understand the roots is that they are the cultivated legumes and are as old as 7500 years old. Initially found in the middle east, and certain parts of Turkey.

In terms of nutrition, in one cup of desi chickpeas, there are only 269 calories, and 14.5 grams of protein + 12 grams of fibre which is terrific for your digestive tract.

Why are Desi Chickpeas considered good for you?

  1. Regulate blood sugar levels – The blood sugar levels are controlled when you consume chickpeas because of the low glycemic index, which is ideally 28. Hence, it doesn’t spike up your sugar levels, and to a certain extent, can prevent diabetes as well. The richness in fibre allows the process to “slow down the absorption of blood sugar, thereby cutting the risk of type 2 diabetes”. Due to the fibre content in chickpeas, it helps curb your appetite and to a certain extent prevent you from consuming high GI foods.
  2. Prevents Cancer – Selenium is a component that isn’t found in most fruits and vegetables, however, you can find it in chickpeas. This mineral component allows the liver to function properly, which detoxes certain cancer-causing compounds. The other benefit of selenium that it inhibits inflammation and prevents tumour growth. The vitamin c in chickpeas works as an antioxidant and can prevent cancer as well.
  3. Beauty Power – The manganese in these beans escalates energy to the cells in your body and fights free radicals that are the root cause of wrinkles. Vitamin B is known as the ‘fuel’ for the cells. Chickpeas can also be used topically to cleanse the face or as a face pack to brighten the complexion.

Overall desi chickpeas have remarkable benefits, besides the above. These include; improving eye health, inhibiting hair loss, strengthening bones, supporting pregnancy and much more.

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