Delivering HORECA Products Anytime, Anywhere Your Business Demands

If top chefs are asked to explain the secret that makes their cuisines a gourmet delight, the prompt answer shall be ‘freshness’. Every culinarians wants to ensure that all ingredients entering their kitchen should be handpicked, garden fresh and impeccably hygienic. That is why HORECA sector focuses on sourcing only the fresh and the best food supplies.

We are aware that your business revolves around the fact that you give your guests a superb food experience. Sun Impex expands this experience to a higher level by bringing food products from the finest farms, processing plants and manufacturing units from around the world for your business to grow better. A new delivery van recently joined Sun Impex in Dubai for the distribution of HORECA products, strengthening our commitment of delivering only the best. People love food and it is therefore important to keep it fresh, tasteful and outstanding. Our new delivery van is helping us to deliver quality HORECA products faster, better and anywhere your business demands.

Horeca Food distributor

Right from carefully sourcing perishable, dry, frozen items, fresh and processed products, nuts, bakery ingredients, grocery for horeca, seafood, meat from across the globe to coordinating with our global supplier base– Sun Impex does it all. We stay meticulous about keeping the HORECA supply chain extremely seamless and constantly checked at all critical points because we care about your business.

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