Delight in the Flavours of Nutri-Rich Salmon

Fish Fact : Over 100 million fish are consumed worldwide every year. Fish are known to be one of the healthiest foods that are rich in protein and low in harmful fats. There is a wide variety available in the markets today including the richly flavoured Salmon.

Salmon is an oily fish whose taste inclines to a sweeter side. It is either preferred smoked, roasted on a slightly greased dish or even broiled. The fish goes great with sides such as fried green beans, tomatoes and when flavoured with herbs like parsley and basil. It is rich in omega fatty acids, proteins, selenium, vitamins, potassium that are essential for normal body health.

Sun Impex, a trusted supplier of HORECA products in Dubai offers the finest quality Salmon sourced from different destinations- Scottish smoked salmon (long sliced) from Scotland, chilled smoked salmon fillet (pre and long sliced) from Holland and chilled salmon fillet (with skin on) from Norway with all original flavours retained and hygienically packed to be delivered.

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