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Why Deionised Pineapple Concentrate is Highly Recommended for a Flatter Belly

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s wise to load up on fruits. And one fruit that keeps coming up as being especially good for weight loss is pineapple. You can have it raw or in juice, puree, syrup, and concentrated form. Deionised Pineapple Concentrate, for example, is gaining popularity for its unique properties to help lose weight. The extraction process is simple and done using fresh pineapples. The water evaporates, and a concentrated version of the product is produced.

But Deionised Pineapple Concentrate product does not retain any colour, flavour, or aroma. Instead, it has a clear, colourless liquid with sweetening properties. As a result, deionised Pineapple Concentrate is a versatile product used to enhance the sweetness of various recipes.

Nonetheless, is Deionised Pineapple Concentrate actually good for weight loss? Let us find out below:

1) Low in Calories

Deionised Pineapple Concentrate is an excellent option because of its delicious flavour and low-calorie sweetness. You can enjoy a serving of the concentrated form with your favourite snacks. This way, you can consume fewer calories and, in turn, lose weight.

 2)Contains Bromelain

Deionised Pineapple Concentrate contains bromelain, an enzyme which has anti-inflammatory properties. This enzyme helps in metabolising proteins that help cut down belly fat. According to a University of Maryland study, bromelain also helps reduce stomach bloating, leading to a better digestive function.

3) Rich Source of Vitamin C

Our body needs vitamin C to burn fat. According to the US Department of Agriculture, one fresh pineapple contains 432 mg of vitamin C. Therefore, one can feel the beneficial effects of vitamin C if Deionised Pineapple Concentrate is consumed as part of a balanced diet.

4) Full of Vitamin B1

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin B1 help convert carbohydrates and sugars into energy. For example, Deionised Pineapple Concentrate contains a good amount of this vitamin. It can benefit those trying to lose weight.

There are so many ways to enjoy Deionised Pineapple Concentrate, and a lot of them boil down to your taste. For weight loss, reach out to manufacturers who believe in selling quality food products. Sun Impex offers an extensive range of Pineapples, such as Pineapple juice concentrate, Canned Pineapple in syrups, Pineapple Puree, Pineapple NFC Juices, Pineapple fine crush and Pineapple Coarse crush.

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