Why Deionised Apple Concentrate Tastes as the Fruit Itself

Deionised Apple Concentrate is the pure and natural sugar of the apple fruit extracted through proper filtration. It has a high sugar content but contains no colour, flavour, acid, or aroma. A clean label concentrated apple juice is a clear, colourless liquid with sweetening properties. This is why you can add it to food and beverage products to get the desired flavor, color and nutritional benefits.


1) Natural Sugars

Deionised Apple Concentrate acts as a natural sweetener. The extracted fruit juice is filtered, deionised, and ultimately concentrated. As a result, it is transparent and colourless. All its characteristics, such as acidity, flavour, and colour, are eliminated. But it retains its natural sugar content. This is why you can add it to various recipes or use it to replace table sugar.


  1. No Artificial Flavours

Deionised Apple Concentrates blend 100% apple fruit allowing you to flavour your food and water. This fruit concentrated form contains fewer calories with no artificial ingredients. In addition, since it is distilled from a natural fruit, it also supplies antioxidants, that combat inflammation and may reduce the risk of various health diseases.


  1. Zero Acid

Although Deionised Apple Concentrate has a low pH, it is considered less acidic. This is why it helps treat digestive issues such as reflux disease. One cup of unsweetened apple juice has 114 calories and 28 grams of carbohydrates and is protein- and fat-free. Deionised Apple Concentrate may not be a rich source of vitamins or minerals, but it can help you meet your daily vitamin C, potassium and manganese needs.


When selecting Deionised Apple Concentrate, choose premium products by choosing a trustworthy brand. Sun Impex is a reputed Deionised Apple Concentrate supplier. It brings authentic apple flavours in the form of apple juice concentrate. Using the best technologies. The brand preserves the most refined natural flavours later used for re-flavouring.

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