Cuisines that you should try atleast once in life

A cosmopolitan country, United Arab Emirates offers lots of tourist attraction. One of them is its mouth-watering traditional food, which is a perfect combination of taste and health. If one visits any part of UAE, he or she must try Shawarma, a lamb or chicken stuffed between buns and filled with pickles, sauces, fries and tomatoes.

Al-Machboos is another delicacy offered by this great nation. It is a fusion of boiled rice, meat and vegetables and is very popular across the gulf area. Every meal of people residing here is incomplete with Hummus, a dip made from chickpeas and supplemented with lemon juice, salt, garlic, olive oil, and tahini paste. A perfect appetizer, Hummus is served mostly with Shawarma and pita bread.

Al-Harees, a dish made of basically meat and wheat, is very simple yet very delicious. Topped mostly with butter, Al-Harees is part of the main course that is enjoyed with bread.
Whenever you plan to visit the United Arab Emirates make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy its best traditional food.

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