Coriander Seeds : Offering a blow of taste and aroma to Dishes

The small and greenish-brown seeds of the coriander plant bestow the cuisines with warm and citrus flavor along with a mesmerizing aroma. The coriander seeds are the noted ingredient in lots of dishes around the globe, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern region.

If some add them to their cuisines in raw form then some dry fry them (without oil) over medium heat. The dry fry seeds release an enthralling aroma and amplify the taste.

Coriander seeds are not just preferred for their amazing taste but also for nutritional benefits. It is indeed interesting that merely 100 gm. of coriander seeds offers 41.9 gm. of fiber to the body, which helps in boosting digestion. They are an excellent source of potassium, iron, copper, zinc, calcium and manganese. These all nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of our body.

Sun Impex, a trusted agro products suppliers is also leading exporter of Coriander seeds. It offers a wide variety of Coriander Seeds originated from Russia to its esteemed clients across the world.

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