Chickpeas : The Little yet Yummy Blessings

Chickpeas or garbanzo beans in Spain, Ceci beans in Italy and as Bengal gram in India have a tasty nutlike taste and buttery texture. A very versatile legume, chickpeas are somewhat starchy and pasty. They are also an essential ingredient in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. For instance, as hummus, curries, falafels, etc. With their origin in Mediterranean and the Middle East, chickpeas have spread their culinary influence to every part of the world.

Chickpeas not only form the base of a terrific dish but also offers numerous health benefits to its consumers. Being rich in both soluble as well as insoluble fiber, they prevent digestive disorder and help in maintaining weight. Along with meeting the protein requirement, they give a boost of energy to the entire body. It stabilizes blood sugar control and keeps the heart healthy.

Sun Impex, one of the trusted agro products exporters, deals in export and supply of chickpeas of various origins that are generally sourced from India, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and Canada for the Desi and Kabuli chickpea varieties.

A synonym of quality, Sun Impex ensures that its offering meet the quality standards of its customers, thus, it exports its premium quality Chickpeas in brilliant packaging material.

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