Cassia : Infusing Aroma into Dishes Around the Globe

A majority of dishes are known for their mesmerizing aroma more than their taste. There are many spices known to elevate the aroma of dishes. However, Cassia is one such spice that escalates the taste of cuisines to a new peak.

Native to Southern China, Bangladesh, India, and Vietnam, Cassia spice is also used by many in the form of Cassia oil. Apart from shooting up the aroma and taste of the dishes, cassia spice and its oil are known to control high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, constipation, nausea, etc.

Sun Impex, one of the leading names in the agro-products and HORECA industry, offers Cassia spice procured from China. It offers A cut (8cm), whole and split varieties of cassia spice. Reddish brown in color, cassia offered by Sun Impex contains 13.5% moisture and 1% admixture. 25/ 50 Kgs Jute Bags or PP Bags are used to pack the spice before exporting in order to keep the aroma and quality intact.

To get your hands on premium quality cassia spice from China at a competitive price, book your order with Sun Impex NOW!

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