Cashew Nuts : To Delight Your Pamper Buds

Did you know cashew nuts are native to Brazil and it’s is the 3rd largest consumed tree nut in the whole world? Because the cashew nut tree is mostly cultivated in tropical climatic conditions, India and Vietnam produce cashew nuts on a very large scale. In fact, it is quite interesting to note that over 60 percent of the cashews consumed globally are processed in India.

Sun Impex, a leading name in the agro-commodities and HORECA industry, offers premium quality cashew nuts sourced from India and Vietnam.

There are wide varieties of cashew nuts that Sun Impex has to offer. These varieties are White, Desert Wholes, Splits, Broken, Scorched Wholes. In order to export them safely and free from spoil, Sun Impex adheres to strict packaging and shipping policies.

To avail top quality cashew nuts from Sun Impex, you can place the order NOW!

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