Black-eyed beans, also referred sometimes as Black-eyed peas are white legumes featuring a small black dot that somewhat appears like an eye. Though this particular variety of pulses is grown in many parts of the world, it’s Madagascar and Brazilian Black-eyed beans that gain the limelight.

The beans cultivated in these two regions are rated incredibly nutritious compared to the ones available elsewhere. It’s predominantly the favourable soil, climate, temperature, and other ambient conditions that support the harvesting of highly nutritious beans in these areas. Also, no adulterants and harmful fertilizers are used in cultivation, maintaining the bean crop quality optimally high and the produced beans high in nutrition & taste.

The Black-eyed beans sourced from these regions are extremely popular worldwide for their easy-to-digest nature, smooth texture and slightly sweeter taste. Madagascar & Brazilian origin Black-eyed beans come packed with rich amounts of protein, cholecystokinin, iron, folate, potassium and fibre. Being naturally low in fat & calories, these beans are highly effective in burning body fat and can be easily included in any weight loss meal plan. The best part? They are super-tasty and nutritious and will aid in your healthy lifestyle.

There are three prime benefits of black-eyed beans :

1. Pregnancy Health: Due to the folate present in black-eyed peas, this is the daily intake required for pregnant women. Folate is known as a B Vitamin that protects babies from the brain and spinal cord defects.

2. Eye Health Powder – one-half cup of black eyes peas has all the nutrition required for your Vitamin A. Vitamin A improves the overall eye health as it provides lubrication, protects the corneas and allows better functioning of the eye.

3. Strong bones – consuming black-eyed peas provides your body with natural forms of calcium, which aids bone health.

The Madagascar & Brazilian origin Black-eyed beans are used in various cuisines due to their delectable taste. You can add cooked Black-eyed beans to a green salad to add their extra texture and protein to the meal. These usually taste best when served hot. There are several recipes available online which entail black-eyed beans.

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