Bow Down to the King of Spices : Black Pepper

A pinch of black pepper could elevate the taste of any dish. Not only the black peppers are used while cooking but also as a sprinkler, they are widely known across the globe. In the ancient times, black peppers were used as a currency and also as a sacred offering to the God. Today, this most popular spice is available throughout the year.

Black pepper comes from the plant called pepper, which is a smooth woody vine that can grow up to approximately 33 feet in warm and humid climates of tropical regions. These plants begin to bear small white flowers, which after 3 to 4 years transform into berries that are known as peppercorns. The peppercorns then produce the spice that we call pepper.

Along with elevating the taste, black pepper offers numerous health benefits. For Instance, improving digestion, promoting intestinal health, relief from common cold, constipation, etc.

Sun Impex, a leading agro-products supplier, supplies premium quality black peppers that are sourced from Madagascar. The black pepper by Sun Impex contains 12% moisture and are exported in the packaging of 50 Kg Jute Bags with loadability of 15MT 20′.

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