black mapte


There are fantastic benefits of the lesser known ‘BLACK MAPTE’ that assures you wondrous

benefits for the mind, and body! The black matpe has phenomenal nutrients, and has been cultivated for thousands of years in the Asian region. Belonging to the family of ‘urad dal’, and is superb for health. Black matpe has amazing benefits, and is truly rewarding for you.


  1. Boosts Energy – black matpe is an extremely healthy pulse and is full of iron and escalates the energy levels in the body. A boost in energy is more important for women, especially during phases of menstruation and those who undergo iron deficiency.
  2. Digestion improves- due to the rich fibre content black matpe is amazing for food digestion. This pulse contains soluble and insoluble fiber-which improvises the digestion in the body.
  3. Heart health power – improvising your heart health due to the fibre content that further lowers cholesterol , simultaneously the sodium and potassium balances in the body and reduced high blood pressure. Also, the magnesium and folic acid in the black matpe avoids the damage to the arterial wall. Magnesium by itself improves blood circulation, which allows the heart to function at its ideal state. The power of black matpe is phenomenal studies prove that it can also help in decreasing blood lipids and cholesterol in the body.
  4. Natural protein – provide your body with all real and natural protein! Black matpe is an incredible source of protein which promotes muscle growth and the development of the body. For those rigorous workout ‘fellas’ black matpe is ideal for strengthening and muscle tissue building.
  5. Diabetes benefits – when consuming black matpe diabetic patients have shown good results for the same when combined with bitter juice and honey. Diabetic patients need to reduce their carbohydrate intake, and hence black matpe is superb to keep you ‘full’ and limiting your carbs.
  6. Aids for nervous disorders – black mapte also aids in certain nervous system issues such as nervous fatigue, memory weakness, hysteria and many more. Consumption of black mapte can help with such cases.



  1. Anti-inflammatory properties – black mapte is even predominately incorporated into Ayurvedic treatment as it works as an effective medication to fight inflammation even for joint pains. Placed externally black mapte can work its magic to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected areas.


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