Bird’s Eye Chilli: Experience the Heat of Flavours

Want to know what’s makes the food market in Kenya, Philippines, Uganda and India extra-special? It is the heat and rich flavour of the Bird’s Eye Chilli. Also known as the Thai Chilli, these are popular as the Bird’s Eye Chilli as they are loved, picked and spread by birds.

Bird’s Eye Chilli Fact: It is one of the 10 hottest chilli peppers in the world. These are tiny with around 10-20 seeds and available in white, dark green, pale green, red(ripen). Moreover, it has many health benefits. The capsaicin in the Bird eye chillies help in digestion and improves digestion. Capsaicinoids also help in weight loss and also reduces cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure.

Sun Impex, a leading exporter of spices also supply superior quality Bird Eye Chillies sourced from Uganda. This is a fast-growing crop in Uganda that takes about 3 months to mature and in high demand in the export market for food and pharmaceutical industries. Sun Impex provides superior quality Bird Eye Chillies in an aseptic packing of 20kg pp bags with loadability of 7MT in 20′.

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