Bakery and Confectionery : Making it Big with Food Colours and Flavours

Cakes, brownies, biscuits, chocolates flavored bread, etc. are driving the appetite of people in a major way with their inviting colors, sweet aroma and delish flavors. With the food flavor and color industries efficiently complementing the improved technology and novel ideas, bakery and confectionery offerings are modifying the palate of individuals.

Presently, the Global Confectionery Market size expected to reach $232,085 million by 2022 and professional bakers are making it big with three-dimensional cakes, themed cakes, etc. Despite the challenges like packaging standardization norms while maintaining the integrity of the baked products, the bakery and confectionery industries are impressing people with regular innovations and quality offerings globally.

With the same spirit of delivering the best, Sun Impex offers top quality food colors and flavors for the bakery and confectionery. It offers easy to use, sensational flavors for cakes, biscuits, cereals, cakes, pastries and shortbreads. It also offers a wide variety of natural and synthetic food colorants that give attractive colors to baked goods and confectionery items.

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