apricot puree


Apricots are mostly yellow or orange with a light shade of red on one side. They are a renowned fruit across nations, and their health benefits are impeccable, and they have gained significant popularity due to their benefits.


Apricots contain profound benefits such as Vitamins A, K, C, E and minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, etc. These nutrients present in Apricots strengthen bones, promote heart health, prevent skin problems, and keep major health complications such as cancer and asthma at bay.


A brief history of Apricots: Prunus armeniaca originated in China, where it was first cultivated about 4,000 years ago. The widely popular stoned fruit is mostly consumed by locals, traders and tourists in Central Asia and Middles East. Apricots have consistently been available, and individuals have reaped the astounding health benefits of apricots over time. In today’s day and age, Turkey and Iran have been known to be the largest producers of apricots. Another historical fact is that apricots resided in the Mediterranean region about 2000 years ago, where they prospered in the sunny and warm climate.


Apricots are enriched with immense amounts of vitamins, flavonoids, and potassium.


The three components work as agents to our body, fight inflammation and muscle functioning, and allow nutrients to free flow along the body. Overall all three, are support mechanism for healthy blood pressure and heart health.


The other two vital benefits of apricots include:


Healthy vision – due to the vitamin A, beta-carotene and carotenoid components, apricots contain these excellent sources of nutrients that promote one to have better eye health. The lutein encourages a support mechanism to the retina and lens whilst carotenoids and vitamin E foster the overall vision. As a whole, the nutrients in apricots reduce the chances of macular degeneration and cataracts.


Better digestion – apricots contain an immense amount of dietary fibre that is segregated into the half soluble and insoluble fibre. “Soluble fibre helps your digestive tract retain enough water and encourages good bacteria to thrive. Insoluble fibre is also good for healthy gut bacteria levels”. Hence, fiber help one to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Sun Impex, one of the leading agro-products suppliers, exports premium quality Apricot puree which is huge in demand worldwide. The puree keeps the natural flavour of apricot intact. With a brix and acidity value of Min. 11 and 0.80-1.50 respectively, the apricot puree comes in the packaging of 230 kg Aseptic bags in drums. Also, stringent quality procedures are followed during the manufacturing and packaging of Apricot puree.

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