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Try Apricot Puree Concentrate with Cocktails for Your Next Brunch

When the sweet and delicious apricots come into season, you can consider storing it. Apricots come into season during the fall season. Not only are these fruits great for snacking and baking, but it’s puree concentrate can also add a fragrant flair to seasonal summer beverages. A surprising companion for classic cocktails, you can give these homemade liqueurs a try.

The beta-carotene and vitamin C enriched apricot puree concentrate can be used in some of these delicious cocktail recipes.

1) Bellini

This is a great, seasonal take on the traditional mimosa perfect to serve at your next brunch soirée. For making one, you will need two tsp apricot puree concentrate and chilled sparkling wine. Pour the apricot puree concentrate into a glass and add in sparkling wine. Serve immediately.

2) Bourbon

The Bourbon is one of the popular cocktails there is! It is balanced and sweet tart, complementing bourbon with the tanginess of lemon and sweetness of maple syrup. This version of apricot puree concentrate uses two ounces bourbon, 30 ml apricot puree concentrate, ¼ ounce lemon juice and 3 fresh mint leaves. Combine the bourbon, apricot puree concentrate, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker over ice. Pluck the mint and add to the shaker. Mix well until everything is incorporated. Add ice and garnish with extra mint.

3) Apricot Whiskey

This smooth apricot whiskey cocktail sweetened with apricot puree concentrate is an appealing drink. For making this cocktail, you will need one tsp apricot puree concentrate, one tsp agave nectar, 1.5 oz. whiskey, club soda, and a quarter of ginger beer. For the cocktail, add the apricot puree concentrate, agave, and whiskey in a glass and stir. Add ice, club soda, and ginger beer. Stir. Serve immediately.

4) Spicy Margarita

If you love apricots, you are in for a treat with this one. For making the spicy margarita, you will need one tsp apricot puree concentrate, 2 oz Jalapeno tequila, one tsp sweet spicy juice, and lime, salt or tajin to rim the glass. Place two Jalapeno slice in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Mix the rest of the ingredients. Add ice. Shake until mixed. Pour into a glass.

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