An overview of vegetable plantation throughout the year

One of the most important of growing vegetables or fruits is to know the weather and climate they blossom in. The knowledge of whether a vegetable or fruit like heat, shade, winter or it flourishes in monsoon, is something that has to be taken care of before sowing the seed.

Dubai offers a wide belt of land for the cultivation of numerous varieties of vegetables. But that doesn’t mean that any vegetable would grow irrespective of season. In Dubai, different seasons support and boost the cultivation of different vegetables. For instance, Onions, Eggplant and Zucchini thrive in the spring season of Dubai. These are considered as versatile vegetables and produce a happy meal.
The winter is fantastic for cultivating cucumber, capsicum, pumpkin and chilies. Tomatoes and herbs love the scorching heat and hence can grow round the year. Broccoli, coriander, and basil leaves like to blossom in a pot and can be grown on a high terrace or even balcony. After all, the joy of consuming something grown on our own is simply amazing.

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