An Overview of the Prominent Pulses Processing Operations Prevalent in Current Industry

Pulses, also referred as dal by some, have a wide global market. A huge demand exists for processed pulses nowadays; however, the process for deriving perfectly processed pulses is not that easy. Traditional pulse processing methods used to be time-consuming, labour intensive and more prone to loss. Modern pulse processing equipment have curbed the drawbacks traditional methods brought into the scene. Though a wide range of technically advanced machines for pulses processing are available these days, optimal monitoring is always a necessity during the whole process.

Initially, pulses need to be appropriately cleaned and graded which is done with the help of rotary or reciprocating screen graders/cleaners. During the process, grains get separated into different fraction on the basis of their size. Blower/suction fans are also operated to eliminate dust, dirt and various other fine impurities. Drying is another crucial operation with sun drying the most preferred method employed; however, to continue the operation round the year even in rainy season, artificial drying equipment are also made use of.

Dehusking, a crucial pulse processing operation is known to enhance the overall textural properties of the grain. Typically, coated wooden/steel rollers bearing uniform layer of carborundum/emery are employed for the process. The size of roller chosen depends on the capacity and power requirement. Splitting involves use of two horizontal emery coated discs to split the pulse seeds and dehusked pulses. The rubbing action of the rotating disc against the fixed disc carries out the splitting process.

Quite tedious to perform, Gota separation from milled fractions still remains a challenging operation. Finally, polishing is done to impart the much-needed lustre to dal. The process involves use of hard rubber rolls to remove powder from dehusked splits followed by application of water & oil to enhance shine of final product.

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