Almond – A Nut that could Boost your Brain

Incredibly popular tree nut, almonds are extremely healthy and highly nutritious dry fruit. Almonds are native to the Middle East, from where it has spread to the world. Though the United States of America is now the world’s largest producer of Almonds.

The delicately flavored almond is available freshest in mid-summer. But if one looks for packaged almonds then they are available round the year. A majority of people love to consume it directly, some prefer to slice them and sprinkle them over ice-creams and desserts.

Almonds are loaded with antioxidants that protect the cells of the body from oxidative damage, which contributes to ageing and other diseases. Those who consume around 20 plus almonds in a day infuses in him/her a plenty of nutrients. Almonds have the ability to assist in the blood sugar control as well as blood pressure level. Along with lowering the cholesterol level of the body, almonds reduces hunger and lowers overall calorie intake.

Sun Impex imports premium quality almonds from the United States of America and Australia. Broadly, it imports two categories of almonds. These categories are US almonds in shell and kernels and processed almonds. Further, these categories are divided into various varieties such as Carmel (CR), Butte (BT), Sliced, Meal, Diced, etc.

The premium quality almonds by Sun Impex are consumed raw and other times consumed toasted. It also has wide culinary uses.

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