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For the summertime freshness peaches are the fuzzy fruit that hails through all hearts! Did you know that the world’s largest producer of peaches is CHINA more than 8000 years ago? The ‘peach’ is admired for its luscious flavours and health benefits and is one of the favourite savours known to mankind.

Peaches belong to the ‘family’ of plums, apricots, cherries and almonds. Peaches entail the extraordinary inclusion of plant compounds , vitamins, and minerals. Lesser known yet ‘known’ to many are the array of health benefits that this fuzzy fruit entails.

There are five prime benefits that we can ‘dig into’.

1.Peaches may prevent cancer – due to the high levels of phenolic compounds; it further kills estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells. Breast cancer is one of the most severe problematic diseases that women face; eating a peach day can ideally reduce the chances of facing breast cancer.

2.The cholesterol check – Due to the minimum fat content, this helps keep the cholesterol of individuals intact. However, further research claims due to its high antioxidants it prevents the oxidations of LDL cholesterol that facilitates in heart and cardiovascular health.

3.Battle obesity-related issues – Because of the bioactive compounds entailed in these stone fruits, this can ideally ‘battle’ diabetes and cardiovascular disease connected to obesity.

4.The beauty game-changer – The high vitamin C is approximately 17 % of your daily needs. Men and women search relentlessly for vitamin C products on a topical basis. Peaches take care of your internal needs. Moreover, the lower carb intake ‘ups’ the game of vitamin c intake, which in turn keeps wrinkles at bay, inhibits dryness and make your skin radiant!

5.Good for your eyes – the vitamin A present in a single peach is around 10% of your daily requirement. Did you know that vitamin A is very closely connected to the brain, organ and eye health? Even the low levels of beta carotene are correlated to reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration and other chronic vision diseases.

The benefits that this fruit entails are truthfully countless. The purity of vitamins and minerals present allows one to escalate their health game and transform their lives! Adding peaches to your diet is one of the purest forms through-peach puree concentrate.

Now, the concept of puree is usually associated with sugar, sweetened and unhealthy forms. However, creamy organic peach puree could do wonders in your diet! At Sun Impex, we provide you with the highest quality of premium peach puree concentrate. The critical factor is how it entails its original peach fruit flavour while being flavorful, creamy and delicious. Further, we ensure there no additives at all. We only include the best, and from the most reputed peach puree concentrate supplier. More importantly we guarantee to retain the flavour, colour and nutrients in their peach puree to ensure all consumers extract real benefits from each bite.

The combination of health benefits is profoundly beneficial, and people can genuinely benefit in terms of their health! Peach puree concentrate can be utilized in many forms includes beverages, smoothies, homemade ice creams, yoghurts etc. Also, the added benefit is for baby foods. Due to its high nutrition content, both adults and children can merely add value to their regime and change their lifestyle to a much healthier one.

We are available across all regions including Asia, Europe, North America etc. for a wide range access to consumers on a global scale.

Trust SunImpex for honest ingredients in each product!

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