All Good Things Come To An End But Not Mangoes

It’s summers and more than all, it’s the season of mangoes but like all good things, the season of mangoes is also going to end or maybe, not this time. Mangoes are tropical fruits therefore generally harvested on the months of April, May, and June when the air is hot and the sun is bright. This is the time when mangoes are sweet, pulpy and juicy, so many of the fruit processing companies procure the fruit in the season. Some of them are packaged and sold as whole fruits, some are processed into pulp & puree but most of them are individually quick frozen (IQF) to make the fruit readily available during all seasons.

The process of freezing the fruits helps to preserve the taste and retain the nutrients inside. In the case of mangoes, the fruit is peeled, cleaned and diced into required pieces before freezing them in sub-zero temperatures. Being efficiently frozen, these mangoes pack the full flavor to make every food item a delicacy. These IQF fruits are mostly used in beverage, bakery and dairy industries to offer the experience of eating real fruits. With this, you will get the true taste of fruits in your desserts and cakes even past the mango season. Mostly, seasonal fruits like mangoes, papaya, and pineapples are processed into IQF fruits but other than this, vegetables like green peas and broccoli are also frozen for easy access to customers.

We, as a supplier and exporter of pulp and IQF fruits and vegetables, procure food products only from the best and reputed food processing companies. Sun Impex offer a wide range of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables which are hygienically prepared and packaged so that no one has to compromise their favorite taste during the off-season.

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