A Smart Source For Salmon Fillet

Though many people eat and serve salmon in hotels and restaurants, many of them don’t know what kind of salmons are best to prepare specific dishes. Some eat it raw with salad dressings, some want it grilled and some like it fried but for your information, the taste of salmon depends on where they were caught. You may like it grilled but the same type of salmon if fried, may not taste as good. So before you plan to cook, it’s better to source your salmon from the right place and from the right supplier.

If you own a restaurant or a food catering service, you need to know that the best quality of salmon is available at Sunimpex. Here, all the products are outsourced and procured from regions where they are considered best. Like salmon are best found in places where there is a continuous flow of fresh water. We procure these salmon from the fishermen in the area, clean it, fillet it and deliver it straight to you. The quality of salmon also lies in the amount of time taken on delivery as the fish begins to show signs of browning and firmness of flesh.

We at Sunimpex, make sure the fresh salmon fillets are delivered in perfect packages within a specific time-frame. This method of catching, filleting and delivering is not only favorable for HORECA industries but also beneficial for the fish as overfishing is controlled. It is the freshest, healthiest and sustainable way to provide fish to the food procuring agents of hotels and restaurants. You can even order your specific requirement of fish and other seafood at sunimpex.biz.

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