A Glimpse at the Agro-Commodity Trading in Dubai

Dubai is a flourishing marketplace for agro-commodities. The demand for food imports along with favorable food export conditions has boosted the trading of agro-commodities in the city.

Lentils, Pulses, Spices, Beans, Coffee, Cocoa, etc. are some of the commodities that occupy an increasingly strategic role in the agro trading of Dubai. Owing to the ever growing size of agro market, a large number of trading platforms have forayed in the city to allow the investors to register ownership of the commodities. Apart from assisting in trading, these platforms help the investors with collateral financing as well.

Inventory management, pledge endorsement, transfer of the title, risk management with a diverse portfolio of commodities, web-based trading convenience, are some services that the trading firms offer to holders and investors of commodities.

Right from the specialized agro-products to commodities of everyday use, Dubai has a centralized and developed commodity trading marketplace offering investors a safe, multi-commodity, and multi-currency commodity trading facility.

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