Totapuri Mango Concentrate

5 Refreshing Ways to Use Sweet and Sour Totapuri Mango Concentrate

Looking for a way to add a delicious and refreshing twist to your recipes? Consider using Totapuri mango concentrate! This versatile ingredient can add authentic mango flavour to smoothies, cocktails, desserts, sauces, and more. In this blog, we’ll explore some creative ways to use Totapuri mango concentrate to make mouthwatering and refreshing recipes perfect for any occasion.


1) Mango Cooler Cocktail

First on the list is the Mango Cooler Cocktail, a simple and easy drink that’s perfect for hot summer days. With just a few ingredients, including Totapuri mango concentrate, vodka, and lemon-lime soda, you can whip up a tasty and refreshing cocktail in no time.


2) Mango Poke Bowl

For a more substantial meal, consider making a customized Mango Poke Bowl. With Totapuri mango concentrate as the main ingredient in the marinade, this poke bowl is bursting with sweet and savory flavors. Top it off with diced cucumber, avocado, and fresh strawberries for a delicious and unique meal.


3)  Mango Salsa

For a visually pleasing and delicious snack, try making Mango Salsa. This dish is easy to make and flavorful with broiled salmon steaks topped with a mixture of Totapuri mango concentrate, diced tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro.


4) Tropical Mango-Pineapple-Berry Smoothie

For a healthy and refreshing treat, try a Tropical Mango-Pineapple-Berry Smoothie. With a blend of Totapuri mango concentrate, frozen strawberries, low-fat vanilla yogurt, pineapple juice, and frozen blueberries, this smoothie is packed with antioxidants and the refreshing taste of mango.


5) White Peachy Sangria

Finally, try making White Peachy Sangria for a sweet and fruity drink. Perfect for a hot day or as a complement to desserts, especially cheesecake or fruity treats. With Moscato wine, peach schnapps, and a blend of sliced peaches, strawberries, and raspberries, this drink is perfect for hot days or as a complement to fruity desserts.

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