15 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Adorned with a teeny-weeny crown atop its radiant red figure, pomegranate is a valuable jewel in the treasure box of fruits. The kingdom of a pomegranate is full of juicy red arils that envelope little seeds within, flaunting its sweet taste and texture. Pomegranates are not only rich in appearance, but also in its nature. They have been an integral part of our history as it was used in healthcare sector for its medicinal properties. Today, pomegranate has become a fruit of choice for people who are looking for healthy eating options with loads of benefits. When it comes to the category of juices, green juices have a strong contender – pomegranate juice. It’s blessed with multiple benefits; browse through 15 of them right here.

1. Rich source of antioxidants

Pomegranates are high on antioxidants that help to fight radicals that lead to illness and ageing. It also protects cells from being damaged, reduces inflammation as well as strengthens the immune system.

2. Heart-friendly

If you’re practicing a healthy lifestyle, you ought to make pomegranate juice a part of it. It is believed to be a heart-friendly juice that helps to safeguard heart and its arteries.

3. Regulates diabetes

Considering its medicinal properties in the ancient era, pomegranate may take charge to decrease the insulin resistance, leading to a lower blood sugar.

4. Portfolio of nutrients

Pomegranates carry a rich portfolio of vitamins, fatty acids, fiber and minerals. It’s low-calorie intake outlines – zero cholesterol while consumption.

5. Improves digestion

If you plan to relish a fruit after an early dinner, go for pomegranate. Its seeds boost our digestive systems with the help of B-complex vitamins. These vitamins in turn help o convert proteins, carbs, fats into energy.

6. Monitors blood pressure

Pomegranate juice is no less than a medicine when you have a blood pressure issue. Having one portion of juice daily will help to keep your blood pressure in check.

7. Prevents cancer

By consuming pomegranate juice at regular intervals, you can protect yourself against UV rays that often become the reason that causes skin cancer.

8. Boosts memory

Pomegranate juice is believed to enhance learning skill sets and boost memory. So, the next time you fall short of almonds, sip a glass of pomegranate juice.

9. Partner in weight loss

With fiber in abundance, pomegranates are known to play a role in reducing the fat count from the body, helping one to reduce weight.

10. Heightens oral health

Did you know pomegranates can strengthen the gums and fasten loosening teeth? The reason is its antimicrobial properties that help one to combat against oral bacteria.

11. Preventing kidney stone

A glass of pomegranate juice is meant to change your life. It is known to lower the supersaturation of calcium oxalate.

12. Reduces inflammation

With its medicinal properties, pomegranate juice is effective for reducing inflammation in the gut that makes one feel uneasy.

13. Artery armer

Studies has proven that pomegranate juice improves the blood flow, lubricating the arteries to be functioning smoothly. It also slows down the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries.

14. Antiviral properties

Vitamin C and vitamin E combine immune-boosting powers, preventing illness and chances of infection.

15. Enhancing sports performance

Pomegranate juice is not only meant to improve health but also boost it. It improves strength and stamina. Pomegranate juice is a healthy choice for a healthier tomorrow.

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