1000-year-old Mineral Water, Tiche Is The Talk Of The Town

Before TICHE, bottled water was just plain filtered water used to quench the thirst, until TICHE found out about the beneficial properties of the thousand-year-old water at the bottom of Lithuania. Lying in depths of 689 meters, this pre-historic spring is protected from any kind of contamination like soil, radiation or air pollution. The water is naturally purified and preserved in its pure primordial state, which means, the water has been untouched by any natural or man-made calamity.

TICHE water is composed of some of the rare minerals found on earth which surprises both Lithuanian and foreign specialists. Having been in the dormant state for a long time has caused the water to absorb high amount of minerals like calcium sulphate and magnesium. This naturally alkaline water with a pH of 7.6-7.8 is the perfect solution for a healthy functioning body. Alkaline water helps normalize the pH level allowing the body to get more oxygen, thus purifying itself.

Generally, people say water does not have any taste but ones you taste TICHE Natural Mineral Water, you will find out the true taste of thousand-year-old H₂0. TICHE natural mineral water has been awarded 3 gold stars in three years by World-famous International Independent Institutions and by the Prestigious European Contest due to its rarity.

Our luxurious glass bottle line, TICHE is oriented for hotels and restaurant and is available in both sparking and still forms in 330ml and 750ml bottles. The naturally purified water is 10-14 thousand years old therefore not interrupted much during the production process to administer most essential natural minerals into your body.

TICHE has announced its first supply of bottled mineral water from 1st July 2018, and it will be a great one. Get your hands on these mineral bottles now as it may be the healthiest water you will ever drink.

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