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Walnuts are round, single-seeded stone fruits that grow on the walnut tree. Walnuts are either from Persian or English origin and are high-density source nutrients, particularly proteins and essential fatty acids. They are also known for Omega 3 content.

Sun Impex: One of the Leading Premium Quality Walnut Suppliers

As one of the trusted walnut exporters of the world, Sun Impex offers quality walnuts that are sourced from the USA, Moldova, Ukraine and India. The walnuts varieties offered by Sun Impex are Halves, Halves and Pieces, Pieces and Small Pieces.

Due to the rich nutrient content, the walnuts are good for heart health and keep major body complications such as cancer at bay. It helps in maintaining the body weight and aids in preventing diabetes.

US No. 1 and US Commercial are the two grades in which the walnuts by Sun Impex, one of the leading walnut suppliers, are bifurcated. The walnuts are available in extra light, light, amber and light amber.

Walnut Packaging by Sun Impex

Sun Impex follows stringent standards when it comes to walnut packaging. As one of the trusted walnut suppliers, it ensures that there is no loss of quality, taste and texture during the transit of walnuts to different parts of the world.

Quality cartons are utilized to offer a safe space to the walnuts during the transportation. Standard walnut packaging has a loadability of 20’ FCL and consists of 1040 cartons of 11.34 kg each.

Sample by one of the top notch Walnut Exporters : Sun Impex

Before shipping a wholesale consignment to its client, Sun Impex ensures that its client is satisfied with the quality of walnuts. It is mostly done through sending walnut sample to the clients.

In case, you have any query regarding the walnuts, you can contact us by filling the form. Our executives will get in touch with you soon.

Product Details
Varieties Grades Color Origin Packaging Loadability/20' FCL
Net Weight (Kgs)
Halves US No 1;

US Commercial
Extra light


Light Amber


Cartons 11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Halves and Pieces
Small Pieces
Product Origin



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