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When spices are concentrated into liquid form they are known as oleoresins. They are generally extracted from spices after passing through various processes. The extraction process doesn’t impair the flavour, aroma or character of the spices. At Sun Impex we offer a new range of superior quality oleoresins for you to buy.

Product Details
A Ajowan Allspice Asafoetida      
B Black Cummin Black Pepper Decolorised Black Pepper Natural    
C Capsicum Cardamom Cassia Dark Cassia Light Celery
Cinnamon Clove Coriander Coriander Leaf Cummin Curry Leaf
F Fennal Fenugreek        
G Garlic Ginger      
M Mace Mango Ginger Mustard    
N Nutmeg        
P Pudina (Mint)        
R Roasted Cummin        
V Vanilla        
W White Pepper        

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