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IQF Supplier( Frozen )

Individually Quick Frozen or IQF is an advanced technique under which each individual piece of food is frozen separately. Sun Impex is the leading IQF fruits & Vegetables supplier which offer premium quality IQF fruits and IQF vegetables free from any adulteration.

There are a plenty of advantages of frozen fruits and vegetables. They are much easier to work with, the quality of IQF products remain intact and their taste doesn’t spoil even after a very long period of time.

Sun Impex – Trusted frozen fruits and vegetables supplier

The wide range of frozen fresh vegetables and fruits available with us attract customers from around the globe. As one of the top IQF vegetables and IQF fruits suppliers, Sun Impex ensure that its IQF product range offers long lasting freshness, taste and texture.

When fruits and vegetables are frozen, the nutrients inside them also freeze. Thus, consuming frozen fruits and vegetables is considered healthier. Also, they consist of various minerals and cancer -fighting antioxidants.

As one of the top-most IQF fruit suppliers, Sun Impex ensures that very high-quality standards are followed right from picking up the fruits and vegetable to freezing them and supplying them to various parts of the world. Also, stringent quality procedures are undertaken when it comes to the packaging. The packaging by Sun Impex makes sure that there is no spoilage of the frozen fresh vegetables and fruits during the transit.

Sun Impex is renowned across the globe for its diced, sliced and completely frozen IQF variety of fruits and vegetables. As one of the top notch IQF fruits and IQF vegetable suppliers, Sun Impex offers quality IQF products at a competitive price.

These frozen fruits and vegetables are preferred by numerous manufacturers around the globe for its offerings can be further processed and used in the making of various other products.