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IQF Okra

Okra is commonly known as lady finger and extensively cultivated in the subtropical and warm temperate regions of the world. The IQF form of okra is as good as fresh and used in culinary recipes for convenience and ease of cooking. Sun Impex FZE offers superior IQF okra in bulk quantities, available throughout the year.

Product Details
TPC cfu/gm < 1000
Yeast/Mould cfu/gm < 100
Coli forms cfu/gm < 10
E-Coli cfu/gm < 100
Packing 10 Kg LDPE Bags in 5 ply Carton Box
Net Weight 10Kg
Cases per FCL 2300
Parameter Value
Ingredients Green Okra/Cut okra
Grade A: 4-5 cm, Grade B: 5-9 cm, Grade C: 9-14 cm
Origin Egypt
Storage Min -18° C
Shelf Life 2 years
Harvesting December - September
Colour Blanched Okra
Flavour / Aroma Characteristic
(IQF Okra 1
IQF Okra Zero
IQF Okra extra)
400gm x 20
Product Origin