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HORECA is an abbreviated form of Hotel, Restaurants and Catering. As one of the leading Horeca product suppliers, Sun Impex offers the above-mentioned industries premium quality Horeca products such as grocery, meat, dairy, fish and frozen products. These finest quality products have led to a wide base of loyal clients for Sun Impex.

Sun Impex: A Renowned Horeca Food Supplier in Dubai

Sun Impex is a prominent and trusted name in the Horeca industry of Dubai. Be it Horeca grocery, meat, dairy or frozen products, it specialises in importing and supplying finest quality horeca products.

As one of the reliable horeca distributors, it undertakes quality packaging for its horeca food products in order to prevent them from spoilage. The same packaging also helps in maintaining the quality and taste of the horeca products.

One of the top most Horeca suppliers, Sun Impex also holds an expertise in sourcing perishable, dry, chilled and frozen items from various countries around the world and delivering at client premises in short period of time.

Strong Distribution and Procurement Network

Sun Impex is one of the strong horeca distributors in the Horeca Dubai Industry. It has a very strong network in Europe, USA and Far East Asia market and can source any Horeca food product as per the requirement of the client. Sun Impex also specializes in consolidate and imports by air on a regular basis from Horeca suppliers based in Europe.

A Symbol of Premium Quality

Sun Impex, one of the top notch Horeca product suppliers, offers only premium quality Horeca products to its wide range of clients. With its quality offerings, it aims to satisfy not only its wide clientele but also the ultimate consumer.

The horeca grocery, dairy, meat, fish and frozen products are free from any adulteration. They all are properly inspected and carefully packed before shipping it to the doorstep of the client.


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