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Frozen Beef

Sun Impex exports frozen beef from India and Brazil which is carefully inspected for wholesomeness and quality. As beef exporter we offer it in different cut pieces that include tenderloins, beef cubes, bobby veal and veal leg. The wholesale beef, exported in frozen form is available in different quantities and packaging as per customer specifications.

Utmost care is taken to maintain the safety, hygiene and storage standards to extend the shelf life of exported frozen beef. This ensures that the frozen beef stays incredibly flavourful, tender and juicy for longer.

Product Details
Variety SKU Packaging Loadibility Origin
TENDERLOIN 4 x 5 kg 20 kg 40' Reefer India/Brazil
Beef CUBES  20 x 900gm 18 kg
Bobby VEAL 20 x 900gm 18 kg
VEAL LEG 4 x 5kg 20 kg
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