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Cashew Nuts Suppliers

Cashew nuts are native to Brazil and were spread around the world by the Portuguese. Cashews are found mostly in Brazil, Western Africa, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. A majority of the cashew processing takes place in India and Vietnam.

Sun Impex - One of the Leading Cashew Nuts Suppliers

As one of the top notch cashew nuts exporters, Sun Impex offers premium quality cashew nuts to the various parts of the world. It sources its quality cashew nuts from Brazil, Africa, Vietnam and India. The varieties offered by Sun Impex are whole, carmel (CR), butte (BT), padre (PD), mission (MI) and Monterey(MT).

The above-mentioned varieties of cashew nuts by Sun Impex come in different grades. These grades are white, desert and scorched.

Cashew nuts around the world are used for various purposes. Some consume it in its raw form, some roast it with butter and salt before consuming. There are many who love to sprinkle them over sweets and ice-cream and there are other who use them in various cuisines.

Get Healthy Cashew Nuts From Sun Impex

Cashew nuts are also packed with various health benefits and essential nutrients. Vitamins E, K and B6, for instance, are some of the vitamins along with minerals like copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium present in cashew nuts.

These nutrients together keep the heart healthy, aid in forming blood cells, protect against cataracts, can prevent diabetes, reduce blood pressure, help in preventing gallstones, lower the risk of weight gain and help in maintaining smooth functioning of the body.

The Packaging of Cashew Nuts

Sun Impex, the top most nuts supplier and exporter, follows a high-quality standard in packing and exporting its cashew nuts. As one of the trusted cashew nuts suppliers, Sun Impex uses pouches for its cashew nuts which are further packed in tins and cartons.

Product Details
Varieties Grades Sizes (Kernels) Origin Packing Loadability/20' FCL
Net Weight (Kgs)
Whole White W180; W 210; W 240;
W320; W450; W 500

Pouches Packed
in Tins / Cartons
11.34 x 2 x 700 cartons

22.68 x 700 Cartons
Carmel (CR) Desert SSW DW
Butte (BT) Scorched Sw180; SW 210; SW240;
SW320; SW450; SW500
Padre (PD) White Butts ,Splits ,SWP, LWP,
Baby Bits
Mission (MI) Desert SPS, DP
Monterey(MT) Scorched Butts ,Splits ,SP, SSP
Product Origin



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