The Mango Mania Wave Hits the Dubai Shores

Mango The appetite for the “King of Fruits”-Mango- is on the rise in Dubai and everyone is excited to devour the fresh, succulent delights. Every mango variety from Alphonso, Dasheri, Kesar, Rajaputri to Badami and more is available in the Dubai fruit markets and supermarkets. For years now, the seasonal varieties of mangoes from India and Pakistan are effectively capturing the market with the boom of sweet flavor at a competitive price. Though mangoes are available in Dubai round the year, the wave of tender and lip-smacking Indian mangoes arrive in May and rides ...

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Global Pigeon Peas Market 2017: An Overview

Pigeon PeasHuskless split pigeon peas or Toor Dal are perennial legumes. It is, in fact, a common food grain used widely in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They are cultivated in tropical and semitropical regions of the world as sole or as intermixed crop with cereals. Pigeon Pea market is on a boom owing to a plenty of factors with some of them being:
  • Low Price,
  • Long Shelf-Life,
  • High Demand for Processed Products,
  • Advanced Hybrid Seed Production,
  • Demand from health-conscious consumers, etc.
  Pigeon Peas Market: An Eagle Eye View The market revenue of pigeon peas ...

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IQF Fruits & Vegetables – The Frozen Delights: An Overview

IQF Fruits and Vegetables

The Individual Quick Frozen or IQF technique revolutionized the processed food industry and changed the way manufacturers purchased and utilized the fruits and vegetables to make the final product. The technology includes freezing of fresh fruits and vegetable at a very low temperature i.e. between -30°C to -40°C. IQF technique is ideal for preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables along with their nutritional value.

So, What Drives the Demand for IQF Fruits and Vegetables?

There are a plenty of factors that encourage the demand for IQF Fruits and Vegetables. ...

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The Sweet Earthy Flavourful Buds: Cloves


Cloves are the dried buds of the flowers that grow on an evergreen tree Syzygium aromaticum. Cloves are used in making marinades, sauces, curries, beverages, bakery items, etc. These flavour famous dishes such as barbecued ribs, whole wheat ginger snaps, gingerbread, etc.

Cloves not only bring great flavour to food items but have various health benefits. Cloves have anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties which help in getting relief from cough, toothache, cold, stress, asthma, blood impurities, etc.

Interestingly, cloves are majorly used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Western Herbalism, Chinese ...

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Food Flavours and Colours: The Life and Soul of Edibles

Food Colours Food Flavours

It is well known that what appeals to the eye in the first glance has a greater chance of being the final choice. It is no different with food and beverages. Food items and drinks with a fascinating appearance and lip-smacking taste gain popularity over time across the world. The vibrant colours and the captivating flavours create memories of any delicious feast held.

The progress in science and technology has made it easier to extract colours from natural sources such as herbs and fruits and prepare synthetic flavours that ...

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Sun Impex’s HORECA Arm: A Delight for the Foodies of Dubai


Dubai is an epitome of pomp and luxury. A large chunk of people visits this magnificent city every year from around the world. While many come and settle here, there are those who pay a visit for pleasure, shopping, and entertainment.

However, there are also those who land at Dubai to relish the exotic food flavors. Dubai is a home to a large number of Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering service providers. Every year, their delightful offerings pamper the taste buds of many visitors. The lip-smacking cuisines, the toothsome delicacies, the ...

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Spread Christmas Cheer with Premium Quality Whole Frozen Turkey


Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year and signifies the birth of Jesus Christ. With growing popularity and commercialization of this holiday, the celebrations now extend over a month’s time. The Christmas tree, the gifts, Santa Claus, the carol singing, etc. all elevate the joy of this festive season.

Delicious food and exotic beverages have been associated with Christmas for far too long. Although pumpkin pecan pie, candied sweet potatoes, eggnog, cranberry sauce, etc. are popular choices, the roasted turkey manages to steal the show every time. The delicious ...

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Dubai: A Must Visit Food Fest Paradise


Dubai is renowned across the world for its skyscrapers, shopping malls, carnivals and of course, a posh and glamorous lifestyle. However, there is another side attached to this captivating city that perhaps many know and many don’t.

For foodies and all those professionals of the food & beverage industry, Dubai has to bestow a plenty of Food Festivals and Food Expos. If some food events and exhibitions showcase new food products, cuisines and delicacies, then there are those events which display new technologies, machineries and innovation which prove fruitful to ...

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Sun Impex Celebrates 4 Years of “Delivering The Best Quality”


With a vision to succeed, commitment towards quality and adherence to integrity, Sun Impex proudly announces that it has successfully completed 4 years in the agro products industry. Since its inception, it has been delivering the best of products around the globe. Its understanding of customers’ needs and matching their expectations with its offerings has helped Sun Impex come a long way.

In the years gone by, Sun Impex dedicatedly focused on agro-commodities such as nuts, spices, pulses, ginger, turmeric, etc. A plenty of geographical areas too relished the attention ...

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Meet the Hopping Delight: Popcorn


They are preferred by a majority of people while enjoying a movie; they are also munched because their taste is hard to resist. Soft, crunchy, crispy and delicious – they are everyone's favorite - Popcorn.

Popped out of natural grain when they are introduced to high temperature, popcorns have an 'open-flower' like shape. They are usually white, or light yellow in color with golden yellow opened grain holding it from its core. They are not genetically modified and free from adulteration and foreign matters. Thus, it ...

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