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Black Matpe

Black Mapte is also known as vigna mungo, black gram and black lentil. Its nutritional value is high and that is why it is recommended for diabetics. Sun Impex offers the two most popular varieties, the Black Mapte FAQ and Black Mapte SQ which is directly sourced from best farms. The quality checks are kept very strict and we follow all regulatory policies to ensure quality of black mapte we offer.

Product Details
Varieties Specification Origin Packaging Loadibility/20 FT FCL
Black Mapte FAQ Foreign Matter 1% Max,
Sister Bean 3% Max,
Damage 4% Max
-- As per Customer Requirement 22-24 MT
Black Mapte SQ Foreign Matter 1% Max,
Weevilled .5% Max,
Damage 2% Max
-- As per Customer Requirement 22-24 MT
Product Origin