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Banana Pulp & Puree Suppliers

Sun Impex is one of the leading banana pulp suppliers offering pulp that is obtained from selected Cavendish variety of tree-ripened bananas. The banana pulp as well as banana puree have a smooth and refreshing taste.

Premium Quality Banana Pulp from Sun Impex: One of the Leading Banana Pulp Suppliers

As one of the leading banana pulp exporters, Sun Impex follows high-quality standards right from picking up the bananas to their processing and packaging. The bananas are carefully inspected, washed and forwarded to turn them into the premium quality banana puree and banana pulp.

Banana Pulp Uses and Benefits

Bananas are considered to be very healthy and beneficial for the body. Be it banana puree or banana pulp, with their rich nutrient contents, they help the body in maintaining the blood sugar level, improving digestive health, in weight loss, improve the health of the heart, improve kidney health, etc.

Those who consume banana or banana processed products on a daily basis stay healthy and are able to keep a plenty of major health complications at bay.

Also, there are numerous banana pulp uses. Sun Impex, one of the trusted banana pulp exporters, offers banana pulp to the various manufacturers of the world who use it to make jams, yogurts, juice, nectars, fruit cheese, ice-cream, dessert, puddings, bakery fillings, baby foods, flavours, and confectionery items.

Banana Puree & Pulp Packaging by Sun Impex: One of the leading banana pulp exporter

As one of the reliable banana pulp suppliers, Sun Impex takes immense care when it comes to the packaging of banana puree and pulp. It uses 215 Kg aseptic bags in drums to pack the processed banana products before exporting. The packaging helps in retaining the quality, freshness, taste as well as the texture of the banana puree and pulp during the transit.

Product Details
Product Name Brix Acidity pH Color Flavour Packaging Loadability
Banana Puree Min. 20 0.45% Max 4.2 – 4.8 Creamish white Natural Flavor 215 Kg Aseptic bags in Drums 80 DRUMS/20" FCL

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